Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday at my art show on Bleecker Street in New York City, FOUR of my original paintings were stolen! To be honest, the money part doesn't bother me in the slightest-- but the idea that a mean criminal has four of my paintings-- two of which were my favorites! -- in his possession gives me chills. This was my third run-in with credit card fraud, but the very first time that the artwork stolen was of such enormous value, both monetary and sentimental.

My parents and I suspected the guy from the start, and as he was waiting for my dad and I to pack up the paintings my mom started chatting with him about how I was only 22, I wasn't making much money off of this, I'm really a sweet girl, etc. discreetly trying to stress how important it was that he shouldn't steal from me. What a low life to actually go through with it after that.

The robbery was reported to the New York Police, and I am officially STILL the owner of these paintings. They are legally mine. Do not buy them from anyone, even a reputable seller. If you see them, immediately report it to the New York Police department.

I will be painting new versions of these paintings, and when the originals are found I will keep them.

To all artists doing outdoor shows in the New York area: be on the lookout for two young, slim, middle-upper class Middle Eastern men at your art shows. They were a criminal team-- one rides around on a bicycle looking for artists who use old fashioned credit card imprinters, and then the other swoops in to meet the bike guy and to purchase the artwork. The man on the bike was wearing a t-shirt and the man who paid had on a black windbreaker, a preppy plaid and khaki outfit and they both had short cropped hair. At first they said they were on a budget, and bargained me down on two paintings. It would be wise, if people resembling this description try to purchase an expensive item from you, to try to run an authorization first before letting them leave.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Kiss won Fourth prize!

I'm a little late in posting this, only because I was waiting to get the photo that was taken when I won the award... On Memorial Day weekend, I won Fourth Place in Oil/Acrylic at the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit for The Kiss! I'm always a bundle of nerves when I  go to pick up my artwork, and it was such an unbelievably wonderful feeling to know I won a prize! 

I'm usually really selective about what pictures I post online, (or I should say, really self-conscious) and this is no different, not fond of the messy hair, baggy pants, strange "did you get the photo yet? this thing is heavy" smile, etc. but I'm still so excited about the prize that I thought, what they heck, I'll just post the photo :)

Thanks so everyone who came to the show! I'll be there again on Labor Day weekend, and this Sunday I'll be at the Bleecker Street Fair if anyone is in the area!

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