Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arson Wells

It's definitely another obscure "hardly anyone will get this" pun, but it may be one of my favorites.. I think, unlike some of my other puns, this one isn't being stretched really far. It still sounds exactly like "Orson Welles" 

And my favorite part? (that really has nothing to do with the pun, but oh well) .. you usually go to a water well to PUT OUT a fire! Not to start one! Ha!

Arson Wells
8" x 8"


Elizabeth said...

When I saw the name of your post, I nearly shot hot tea out of my nose! What a great idea!

Cara said...

How great!! I love it :)

Kate said...

Elizabeth- lol!! Thanks!
Cara- Thank you!!

NoirGirl said...

So terrific, Kate! The added irony about putting out fires makes it all the better. Love the font for the text!

Maddie said...

how clever! i love it!