Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deux Champs

Up until recently, when I did a few obscure paintings, this was always my most confusing painting. Not only is it "frenglish" - a combination of French and English, but the artist I am spoofing isn't exceptionally well-known outside of art enthusiasts.

So, just in case -- an explanation:

This painting is a spoof of Marcel Duchamps (pronounced doo-shamp) He is most famous for creating dada works of art, specifically a sculpture of a bicycle wheel attached to a bar stool. "deux" in French means "two." So I painted "two champs" on a bicycle wheel, attached to a bar stool.

Deux Champs
12" x 12"

12" x 12" with darker blue background

There have been two other versions of Deux Champs also. I did a tan and purple 12" x 12" version and a 30" x 30" version that looked a lot like the one above. They both sold last year, and unfortunately, I didn't get good photos of them before they left.

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Lolita said...

Another fantastic wordplay! Seems like my favorite paintings of yours are sold! Good for you :)